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Man Burns Wife to Death over Nail Clipping

In her statement given to the Magistrate before her death, the victim told the police that her husband had set her on fire after thrashing her.

The DSP said Kaur had called up her brothers in Amritsar and expressed her fear that her husband may harm her.

“She told them that her husband was enraged as she had clipped his nails too deep cutting into the finger’s skin.

After she made the phone call, Gurmej abused and thrashed Kaur and later sprinkled kerosene on her and set her on fire,” he said.

Two brothers of the victim rushed to Lohian, but found their sister in a semi-burnt condition and rushed her to civil hospital at Lohian, from where she was referred to a Jalandhar hospital, where she succumbed to her burn injuries, he said.

Woman charred to death by husband in Punjab. Hindustan Times, 3/3/2013.


Father Refuses Proposal, Daughter’s Throat Slashed

President Hamid Karzai marked the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on Thursday with a speech calling on clerics and community leaders to help stamp out what he described as a “social menace”.

The teenager who was killed, Nishina, 15, was attacked in Kunduz province on Tuesday morning as she was fetching water from a well near her home. She was set on by a cousin and nephew who slit her throat, said Sayed Sawar Hosseini, spokesman for the provincial police chief.

Afghan man slit throat of teenager he had wanted to marry, say police. TheĀ Guardian, 11/29/12.